Sunday, 30 May 2010

Plans. As you grow older, you realize that your life deviates further and further from it.

I like the word "indolence." It makes my laziness seem classy.  
~Bern Williams

My blog has finally got comment links and blog titles appearing on each post.

Much thanks to Sin Wei for helping. ^^

My HTML skill still needs improvement.

ARRRRGHH!! Blogger's block.

After about 3 blog entries of photos and nothing else, my writing skill has suddenly deteriorated.

Reminder to self: Do. Not. Be. Lazy. To. Update. Blog. With. More. Substantial. Stuff.

Googled this. Who doesn't love quirky motivational posters?

Was just reading Patrick's latest post about... stuff.

Which kept me thinking about, you know, life. And how much I haven't achieved yet. And my goal. And how I see myself in ten years. And how I had many plans but not one has been successful. And so on and so forth.

 You read stories about how 15-year-olds are becoming millionaires, 6-year-olds doing computer programming, 15-year-old book authors, 10-year-old professional pianists... And you think, I could be anyone of them. I just... I don't know what happened.

Then we do the easiest thing there is.

Blame fate.

I have had many plans of my own - earning revenues from a site of my own, publishing a book, creating my own music... none of them worked.

Not that I didn't attempt. On the way, it just... got too hard, I guess.

And then, as you grow older, you come to the sad realization that you probably aren't going to achieve anything extraordinary and you decide to just go with the flow - study hard, graduate from university with a decent degree, get a job, and hope you get lucky and earn lots of money from it. 


I shall continue on the book I started and abandoned 6 months ago.

Lets just hope I'll be serious about it this time.

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