Thursday, 31 December 2009

There's a hole... 15 years wide.

“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.”
-Deepak Chopra-

The last time I heard this song was 15 years ago. On Sesame Street or something like that. Ever since that day, I was constantly (or sometimes not so constant) singing it to myself.

Like, there's sometimes a lapse of weeks (sometimes months, even) when I would totally forget about it, and then some event inevitably triggers my mind to recall of my childhood, and up pops this song into my mind again.

Ever since I heard it the first time, I've made it a point to find out the title (never did) and forced myself on remembering at least a chunk of lyrics out of the entire song, to make it easier to recognize it if I had ever to coincidentally come across it again.

My point is, 15 years later, I finally got it to my mind to search for it on Youtube (I smack myself right in the head for not having that thought much earlier!!) - it was like an ephiphany! One moment I was singing it to myself thinking "Ah... How I wish I could listen to it again" and the next moment I'd go "Shit, I'll just search it on Youtube." - and here it is!!

After over ten years of not listening to the song, I've finally found it again!

Sometimes, when I really think about it, I find it pretty miraculous how I've heard the song just once 15 years ago, and it got stuck in my head all this while even though I've never heard of it since then.

Not that I particularly loved it (in fact, I thought it was pretty lame and annoying but on the other hand interesting - it sort of caught my attention I guess), which is what makes it weirder that a song I didn't like that much would give me such an impact that drilled into my memory for 15 years and never left.

I think it was more to the reason that because I couldn't find it anywhere else after that, the more I was determined to drill it into my head so that I could search for it.

Or, maybe it was because even at that early age, I began to develop an interest in paradoxical situations.

Like how a problem can never be solved because of the initial problem itself, etc etc.

I even made up paradoxes myself (you'll have to admit, that's pretty admirable for a 5-tear-old) and went about thinking about it. It got more and more complex as I matured, until a time when I finally decided that it was pointless thinking of stuff that gave myself a headache - hence when I began to stop using my brain except when necessary.

And here's the dumbass I am today, trained to shut off her brain except for academic purposes only.

Anyway, here it is:

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