Saturday, 26 September 2009

RECESS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GYAAA!!!

“The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything, except what is worth knowing”
-Oscar Wilde-

First off - Xiaxue kissing KayKay. Whatever. Just watch.


Gawd, I feel effing pathetic.

Like, why am I obsessed over someone else's life, someone else's past? Like it's got anything to do with me. Why am I so curious? Why is it such a big deal to me, when the more I find out, the more uncomfortable I get?

What is there to be uncomfortable about, anyway? It's their life. Oh gawd I feel so stupid and childish. I really want to talk about this right now but the only person I can talk to is already asleep.

Can't it wait till morning? No? Why not? Is it really that important?



On a lighter note, I GOT TO CATCH A GLIMPSE OF F1 TODAY!!!

How fortunate of me; I was just planning on going window shopping + dinner at City Hall, when I heard *VROOM!! VROOM!!* and it got me all hyped up and excited, like a lil kid on her first trip to a theme park.

OMG this only happens like once a year and by coincidence, I was there to witness it!! What were the chances - 1/365?

GAH, EVEN BLOGGING ABOUT F1 CAN'T KEEP MY MIND OFF 'ANO HITO' (Translated, it means 'that person' in Jap).


On an unrelated note, I bought a pair of irresistable shorts from Fox, which cost $39 (I have been on a shorts hunting spree for the past one and a half months, if you must know my desperation for a pair of decent shorts). I was like "Hmm, okay, this isn't very cheap, but it ain't that costly either. It looks nice on me; I'll get it." It wasn't until an hour later, in the MRT, when I was then converting and it dawned to me that I just spent RM 95 on a pair of very short shorts (which means not much material needed for manufacture, which means lower cost price).


Please don't kill me, parents.




See, that person doesn't mean much anymore.

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