Wednesday, 13 February 2008

pee, poo, cum.

I was randomly surfing the net as usual when I stumbled upon a game called Monkey Kick Off. The rules are simple. You are a monkey and you try to kick a ball as far as possible. My highest score was 4776.


I'll bet you my sanity you can't.

I also came across this cute product called Pee and Poo. They're a pair of yellow and brown plushies. From it's name, you can bet what they resemble.

It's awfully, awfully, awfully cute lor. I wish they sold them in Malaysia.

They have other products, too. T-shirts, undies, key chains, socks,etc. They even have tattoos!!! The undies are like super cute. It has a picture of Pee on the front and Poo on the back. Pretty symbolic, if you asked me. It can also serve as an educational tool for kids who are still learning what comes out of their front and rear.

Of course, excluding cum and the sort.

Do visit their site.

Maybe when I grow up, I'll do something more innovative which says Pee, Poo and Cum.

Pee would be in the form of a yellow water drop, Poo a pile of cone-shaped shit, and Cum a glob of white, icky paste. They'll be collectibles and can only be purchased from Gachapons (Gachapons are those machines in which you feed them some coins, turn a knob, and out pops a little egg-shaped thingy with your prize inside), with Cum being the rarest of all. Only one of the lucky few will have the priviledge to claim the ownership of the complete set.

Teenagers and young adults will be so obsessed over Pee, Poo and Cum that they'll spend all their pocket money on them. PPC will be everywhere. They'll be hanging on bathroom doors, sitting on cars' dashboards, dangling on backpacks, lying on beds, being printed on undies and t-shirts, and even being shaped into dildos and printed on condoms. Maybe I could even do a blow-up doll version of them! Of course, there'll be the problem of having to print a manual of how to have sex with your own excrements...

Oh, well.

I'll establish franchise after franchise until the whole world know no other colors other than yellow, brown and white.

I'll be rich!!! Famous!!! Successful!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Alright, I'll stop dreaming now.

But hor, imagine if I actually get famous and all. I might even get Oprah to interview me on what inspired me and how I got successful. Then, I might even get her to purchase a set from me!

Then, I'll have 5 golden cums scattered all over the world so that only FIVE lucky people from around the world gets to own it! (Yeah, it'd be something like the five Golden Tickets from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.)

Imagine! Golden cums! What could ever get more interesting than that?

Okay, okay. I'll stop dreaming.

Oh, yes. Happy Valentine's day to all my beloved readers. Single, complicated, or attached, lets all celebrate the joy of love.

By the way, I'm single. *hint, hint*

Update: I played Monkey Kick Off again and I got a higher score this time. Beat this latest score.

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