Friday, 15 February 2008

I'm a Christian. So what?

I signed up at a dating site last month (no, I'm not that desperate, I was just bored and I thought it'd be nice to meet new people) called OkCupid.

I love this site because it asks questions - you just answer as many as you can; they're endless - and it compares you to other people according to how you've answered. So far, I've answered about 300 questions. There's still more to come. The cool part is that they allow you to search for the most compatible matches from all around the world. Which means people with answers most similar to yours.

It's fun to see how many people actually are in tune with me.

Then, messages began pouring in. All of them were from guys.

I was cool with that.

Until I made friends with this guy.

He sent me a message saying that he was interested in me. So we chatted on MSN.


We touched on the topic of Christianity. I told him I'd keep my virginity till my wedding night.

He asked me why.

I gave him the most simple answer I could think of.

"Because my religion prohibits me to have sex before marriage so I'll obey it."

He asked, "Why do you obey your religion then?"

Me: Because I believe God exists.
Him: If God exists, why must we not have sex?

He missed out the "before marriage" part.

Me: Because God says we must not have sex before marriage.
Him: How are you so sure a god has told you so?
Me: I believe what the Bible says is God's word.
Him: Pathetic. Another Christian Asian. Why do you believe in it? And why is it better than any other religion?
Me: I'm not saying that it's better than other religions. I'm born a Christian and brought up this way. So I'll believe in what I'm taught.
Him: You can change it. I was born into Christian family too. But I have a brain, I can decide.
Me: But I want to believe in God.
Him: You have been brainwashed since birth.
Me: Maybe you can call me brainwashed, but I believe in it. I won't blame others if they don't, but I want to.

And he stopped reply my messages.

The next day, I send him a message in OkCupid. I actually apologized, just in case I pissed him off in the previous day's conversation.

You know what he replied?

Yeah, we're educated, it can happen. I didn't read your blog. I rarely deal with blogs, they are mostly the endless ranting of somebody who just wants attention. I am not really interested to read about your daily thoughts or anything close to that... So if you are still free, you can go find a nice dumb christian boy or anything, to talk on and on and on to him, as he pretends to listen while staring at your obviously small boobs... Over your clothes of course, that's as close as he will ever get to them before he gets bored of you. Sorry but I will not waste any more time on you. So, fr me you are history. Obsolete like your ridiculous, fascist, monotheistic religion. Get the fuck out of here and stay away. And no I am almost never like that, I probably just ignore christian stupidity online, but I have never met any moron as overzealous as you are. I pity your burnt braincells. I only hope you are barren, so you won't pass that religious poison to any kids you might have. You can cry now.


His parents never teach him how to respect others' religion one is it? And my boobs are NOT SMALL okay!!!! They're actually pretty huge. (I know, because I have received compliments.)

This is the first time in my entire life I have been ridiculed just because of my religion.

Now I see what they mean when they say being a Christian isn't easy. I'll admit, I did feel a little like crying after reading his reply (I actually apologized for something I didn't do and that's how he responded!), but I mostly felt anger.

Today, I've seen more of the world and I've gained a new experience.

I'm still learning.

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Abby said...

i got a two-sentence comment like that once. the summary of that whole long thing. from a guy too pshftt....
it sucks lah. my breath got stuck in my trachea for a few moments. those people WILL find out one day.