Saturday, 23 February 2008

Instant Boypren Machine

I came across Lynn's Instant Boypren Machine.

I so want to try it out.

According to her, it won't be a capsule machine. I can actually choose which guy I want!!! Is that what the buttons are for? To pick out my own specifications?


I want a rich, handsome, and smart boypren. He has to be older than me (of course, technically he'll be a new born since he just popped out of his 'momma') and has lots of wit, confidence, and charm. He has to be well equipped with chunks of knowledge and has the answer to everything but at the same time still maintain that boyish himbo (the male version of bimbo) charisma. He will also be required to love me with all his heart and soul and his only reason for living shall be me and me alone. He shall take great care in attending to my smallest whim and pay close attention to my each and every need. He will also lavish me with expensive gifts and bring me on his personal cruise to visit exotic places. We will walk on beaches with the whitest and finest sand, we will witness the most beautiful sunsets from the top of the highest mountains, and we will breathe the cleanest, freshest air of all times.

But Lynn said there's no coin slot one wor. How do I pay for him? I know!!! I put my Touch 'n Go card on the little screen on top can? The screen can double as a scanner. Then the machine can just deduct from the amount I have in my card.

I'll have to tell Lynn about the upgrade.

I hope this boypren thingy got guarantee one lor. Just in case he malfunctions. Eh, Lynn, if my boypren malfunctions, can I change for a new one or not?

You know, like if he makes me cry, decides not to buy me stuff, or finally realises that I'm too stubborn and selfish?

Then he go on strike leh????

Wahhh then waste my money nia.

Oh, well. He's just temporary anyway. Until I get a real mate, I'll use the Boypren as my 'water float'.

The previous sentence indicates that I'm still looking for a mate, hor. You know what that means.

Hint, hint.

Maybe I should invent one of those machines someday. The pure-bred smart male species seem to be deteriorating.



1 comment:

Ee Lynn said...

Hahaha... That's a nice post. XD

Well you're the one who's gonna further your studies in Engineering.. so you should go invent and do something to the flaws of my instant boypren machine. XD