Saturday, 1 September 2007

naughty and vain

Today, my family and I had dinner at a restaurant. After ordering our food, I went out to the washroom. On the way out, a waiter smiled at me and complimented that I looked cute.

Yeah, I guess he was sort of flirting with me. But I don't mind. It boosts my confidence and self-esteem.

Anyway, my main point here is...


So there, Kevin! I told you I'm cute! And I'm sure lots of other people think I am too.

I'm so vain.

* * * *

The other day at college, I got bored and decided to get a little cheeky.

I whacked WS for no apparent reason. Just to get his attention.

He responded by whacking Michele instead.

I responded by pinching WS. He, in turn, pinched Mich.

I rested my arm on his shoulder. He rested his on Mich's shoulder.

I kicked his foot. He kicked Mich's.

I hit his arm. He hit Mich's.

The cycle went on and on and on. With poor Mich yelping helplessly all the way. And the others watching with amusement.

Then, I decided to get naughty. I slapped WS's chest.

*evil grin*

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