Saturday, 10 July 2010

My new toy

"I still need the camera because it is the only reason anyone is talking to me."
-Annie Leibovitz-

Despite my promise to myself never to spend ever again (ever since I bought that other toy), behold, I present to you, my new toy:
Golden Half Lomo camera =)

So what's my take on it?

The way I see it, digital cameras are waaaayyy too common these days (heck, everyone owns one), and if I wanted a camera, I wanted it to be special, which leaves me with the only other choice: DSLR's. 

The only problem with DSLR's is that they're too bulky and you wouldn't normally wanna bring something like that out on normal outings with friends. 

But then, I wouldn't want a normal digi cam either, coz it's too common.

Hence, I thought I'd buy something more eccentric. 
It's so tiny and convenient, ain't it?

It's mechanically operated and uses film. The only difference between this one and the old-fashioned cameras is that this is a lomo.

Basically, lomo cameras gives pictures this special old school effect that makes the pictures look, well, 'old'. 

Aiya, dunno how to explain lah.

Read more about Lomography here.

I tried it out today. My take on it?

I think our current generation take shooting pictures for granted. You hold a camera, and you go snap, snap, snap without thinking, coz "heck, I can always delete the ones I don't like later on."

Having this camera, it's pretty stressful. Films are precious coz once you snap a photo, that's that. You can't delete or undo it. Once the film roll is used up, you'll have to buy a new one, which means you'll have to spend more money. In a way, it makes you think twice before shooting, and you'll learn how to appreciate each shot and shoot with care.

So we were having a group shot, and Li Hui was nice enough to take a picture for us, and I was like "Take carefully okay!! Take wrong cannot delete one you know!! Careful ok!! Take nice nice!!" coz, well, once your hands shake, once you press the shutter by accident, once you blink at the moment he snaps, its gone.

Oh, well. I still think my camera is great.

It's just too bad I'll have to wait till they're all used up before I can develop them and see how I look in those pictures. Hopefully I don't turn out ugly in them coz I won't even be able to Photoshop them if I did.


Legend said...

But difficult to upload to facebook also leh

raedarling said...

haha!! yea i know...tats a bit of a prob. nvm i got scanner =)