Tuesday, 20 July 2010


"the purpose is to make more $ because they have nothing else to market so they took their last recent hit and make it Big, a classical American move take what you have good make it BIGGER and sell it for more $ and squeeze every last bit of profit that you can out if it!

I would just buy a sick notebook for that price..."
-BR5TH, Yahoo! Answers-

So it's finally coming to Singapore this weekend, July 23rd.

Sure, it's a wow, but seriously, what's the point of owning an oversized iPod Touch/less-than-bargained-tablet-like-thingy which, well, does (almost) all things, but honestly, is there a REAL PURPOSE of it?

iPod => Listening to music
Netbook => Surfing the web + a decent OS + a REAL computer with REAL programs that you can install (and not just lame apps)
PSP/DS Lite => playing games
Ebook => carrying/reading multiple books minus the weight
iPad => ... huh????

The biggest problem I have with iPad? It becomes a piece of useless junk when WiFi is unavailable. At least with a netbook, I can still stick a LAN cable into it.

Plus, if I really did want to surf the net via WiFi while on the go, I could do so on my iTouch/HTC.

The way I see it, it's just a piece of over-sized electronic item which, in a way, does all things but never really gives the satisfying feeling of accomplishing a purpose.

Sure, the iOS is great and all, but only when it's used on the iPhone/iTouch. The iOS on something like this? Seriously??

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought we already had the Mac OS and Windows OS which works perfectly fine.

It's just gonna be something you flip out and finger around (pun intended ^^) when you're bored waiting for the bus or on the MRT. You're not really gonna use it to surf the net - you already have a real computer/laptop/netbook for that - DUH, and if you wanted to play games on it (with the portability), the PSP/DS Lite has some real games, not just lame apps which, granted, may provide you a few minutes of entertainment, but honestly, who on earth has ever been addicted to an iTouch/iPhone/iPad game apps as much as those games on the PSP/DS?

Sure, you could argue that "well, what if someone wasn't fortunate enough to own all those gadgets like the PSP/DS, iTouch, iPhone/Blackberry/HTC, or netbook/laptop/computer? Wouldn't they need an iPad then?"

Oh please, if I couldn't afford to own any of those gadgets, I'd save up to buy them, and the iPad would be the last thing on my mind.

I wouldn't say I'm entirely against buying it - if you've got the cash, why not? It would be a nice toy you could play around with and show off around for a bit. 

Besides, I could certainly picture myself sitting at Old Canteen A studying my lecture notes on my iPad. *grins*

I'll get it when I have excess money that I don't know what else to spend it on. =)

*Okay, you could say it's a revised/simplified version of a tablet, that, you may be right and I shall keep my peace, you blind Apple fan.*

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