Thursday, 15 July 2010

lil things that go "in between".

Politeness, n. The most acceptable hypocrisy. 
~Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary, 1911

Okay, so there was this incident that happened to me at Pioneer MRT a few days ago; I was contemplating whether or not it was worth blogging about.

I call this one of those"in between"s. 

There are some stuff worth bloggging, some stuff not, and then there are those irritating lil things that go "in between".

Since I'm feeling lazy to recount the incident in proper use of language (and I am so not in the mood to pay attention to grammar, spellings, word prhase, and stuff like that), I shall ctrl+C-ctrl+V my MSN conversation here:

oh ya
dun buy pioneer nasi lemak ever again
stupid old lady 
i bought nasi lemak from pioneer mrt
then hor
 he set meal is only $2 

but i din buy set ma
den after tat, the lady said, add 1 more sausage become set d
den is more "tat"
(as in, more worth it) oso
den i ask, add sausage how much
she say 2.80
den after tat, i ask another malay lady which is packing the food for me, without sausage how much
then she say "two something"
den i tot 2 something
can be 2.20, 2.30,2.50
den i tot nvm la nonid to add sausage  

den after she packet up for me, the malay lady count all the food add up to 2.70
 den i tot might as well get the sausage add another 10 cents nia
den i said i wan sausage
den u know wad she say
"sorry la, i ady keep for u"
she dowan take sausage for me
give excuse dat she ady put inside plastic bag for me
i was like super TL
i reli wan2 scold her d
i regret din scold
or din throw money at her

ZV said I should have just said "Then I don't want the food."

Yeah, I regret not saying that too.


zv said...

if I were you, I would have said that to the lady.. coz I have my consumer's right.. :)

raedarling said...

ok u know wad? lets go to pioneer again today. then u purposely order n wait for her to tahpow, den u tell her "i wan sausage" n see how. if u dare i say u holiao

zv said...

then you get ready to say me holiao lorr..

raedarling said... long as u do it...