Wednesday, 24 June 2009

tech noob

"I know how to use command prompt, I know what chkdsk is, and I know how to repartition my hard disk!! I'm a computer genius!!! Whee~~~"
-Ignorant Rae-

I think my computer skills are getting better and better.

At least now I know what chkdsk is and how to use Command Prompt.

I also repartitioned my hard disk all by myself!!!

Am I pro, or what???

As of yesterday, my laptop's hard disk has got two drives: The main C drive, and a new B drive, which is still practically empty (until I figure out what files to dump in it).

The main reason I created a new B drive was because I wanted to move my stuff temporarily into it, because I wanted to reformat my C drive, because there's this corrupted file in there that I can't delete, because...


Long story.

It all started out when I wanted to transfer some songs from my laptop to my iPod, but I realised that I couldn't run iTunes, for some unknown reason. Stupid computer errors.

Then I ran chkdsk but the error refused to go away, so I went through my whole computer (conveniently cleaning up all my junk and deleting and uninstalling stuff - gosh, I didn't know my computer was THAT messy!! Talk about chaos in the midst of order) and I finally found this weird file named iPod under my Program Files folder in my C drive.

I thought it would be probably what's stopping my iTunes from working, so I tried to delete it, but I couldn't because the file - quote - was either corrupted or unreadable.

Whatever that means.

I even tried downloading a program called CCleaner, which apparently helps you to detect errors on your computer as well as keep it clean.

10 minutes later, I realised that I didn't need CCleaner; I had chkdsk for that.

Kevin mentioned that maybe I could use Command Prompt to delete it, so I Googled a million websites on Command Prompt and such.

I learnt all about directories, changing directories, commands, and such. It was pretty interesting; and frustrating at the same time. Whoever knew typing "cd.." would back step the directory and typing "cd filename*" would change the directory to that file?

Lol. Yeah, I know I'm babbling. Don't bother.

So I tried deleting that stupid corrupted annoying file using Command Prompt, but it STILL DIDN'T WORK. All it said was "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable".

See?? I actually used command prompt to manually command my computer!! I'm smart!! I'm not a tech noobie anymore!!!


So I decided to reformat my whole C drive but before that, I thought "Hey, why don't I repartition my hard disk, and then transfer all my important stuff over before reformatting my C drive?"

I know I have an external hard disk which has more than enough space, but I was just too dumb to think of that option. Yeah, I'm stupid.

So I repartitioned my hard disk, and now I've got my new B drive, but I discovered that it hasn't got enough space to store my C drive's stuff.

*frustrated until die*

Up till now, I still haven't figured out a way to get my iTunes to work so that I can finally transfer all my new songs into my iPod.

At least I learned how to keep my computer clean and free of clutter.

Plus, I finally got around to uninstalling all the unnecessary programs I ignorantly and greedily downloaded and installed during my less sober moments of my hectic uni life.

Now I know why my computer is so laggy. It's all Rachel-the-uni-student's fault, and now Rachel-idling-at-home has to take the blame and make up for her mistakes.

The world's so unfair.

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