Saturday, 6 June 2009

Tagged: Paparazzi

In twenty years you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked.
-Mary Schmich-

So I was tagged again by Jasryn (I didn't know you still remembered me!! =P); this time, its about some 'posting weird pictures of yourself' kinda thing.

Gah!!! Jasryn's conveniently dragged me down with her into the inconvenience of having to dig out all my old Friendster photographs of my weird self.

This post took me three freaking days to complete coz I had such a hard time digging out all my old photos.



1. Please entitle your post 'Paparazzi' or something of the like.
2. Follow the 'pictures of ..... ' as closely as possible. Be creative. No photoshop-ing. If you cannot find a picture for one of the descriptions, scratch it off and replace it with something else.

3. Tag whoever you want to see look funny.

1. picture of me looking down:

During Merdeka Night.

2. picture of me with my mouth open:
Me, as a teacher during MGS Canteen Day.

3. picture of me with my mouth closed:

4. picture of me holding in fart:
I had a pretty hard time searching for a pic of myself holding in fart; this is the best Rachel-holding-fart-ish picture I could get.

5. picture of me hugging someone:
Celebrating New Year's eve, about 3 years back.

6. picture of me acting rocker-ish:

7. picture of me doing something i shouldn't:

Oh, this picture is perfect. Way back when I was only 12 years old. In secondary 1.

8. picture of me looking like a noob:
Noob dunno how to use cell phone.

9. picture of me looking like an ape:
Academic stress = insanity.

10. picture of me looking disgusted:

11. picture of me kissing an inanimate object:

I tag: Piggy Ping, Ee Lynn (coz you love taking photos), Elizabeth Lau (coz I wanna see you in weird pictures!!), Marcus Tai (Coz I wanna see you in weird pictures too!!), Andrew Kon, Pin Yin, and anyone else who wants to play this game for the sake of tagging others!!!!



JETAI said...

HAH! nice try... you're not going to get it out of me though =p

raedarling said...



PiGgY PiNg said...

ai meh??
ur cbox cant type msg d..
how come?

raedarling said...

to piggy ping: coz my cbox expired ady....i din pay dun worry i will get it working again by end of july. i cant pay now, i must go back sg oni i can pay.

to piggy ping and jetai (dont pretend didnt read this hor): yes, u must post ur pics!!!! faster! i wan2 see!!!

JETAI said...

wait long long...

raedarling said...

yer. u bad sport.


how disappointing.

PiGgY PiNg said...

u quarrel wif ppl in cbox isit?
the msg quite confusing la


lazy la...
no pic

raedarling said...

haha yalo quarrel wif sum unknown ppl nothing ady. yer i tag u all but no1 put their pic wan...


Eli said...

hahaha,rachel i will do ur tag after my exams

raedarling said... looking forward to it.