Sunday, 14 June 2009

The silly things

"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever."
-Elizabeth Lawrence-

On the road, I felt happy when the vehicle in front of us was the last one to cross the green light, and we were stuck behind the red. I thought "Yeah!! We're first in line!!"

I thought a guy and a girl being in close proximity for long periods of time would result in the girl being pregnant. Hence, why I seldom sat beside guys when I attended tuition classes in my primary school days.

I thought sex was a very bad thing, and nobody is allowed to do it. Not even with their wives/husbands. Those who did it, regardless of who they did it with, would have committed a great sin and would go to hell when they died.

My friend told me babies popped out of their mother's urethrae/anuses. I believed her.

I always thought that rice cost a lot more than chickens, because its harder to plant paddy than to raise chickens. Every time I couldn't finish my food, I'd try to finish the rice first before eating the chicken.

I thought first gear was the weakest and fifth gear was most powerful. Think car gears.

It never occurred to me that my plastic cooking set and my pretend doctor set cost so little. I thought they'd cost my parents a fortune, and I always took good care of my toys because of that.

I didn't know my parents' cellphones cost so much. If I knew, I would be horrified by it.

My mother once told me not to allow anyone to touch my nether regions. Asked why, she said that they were 'private parts' and I should be careful not to let anyone touch them. I didn't see what was so private about it. Isn't it the same as any other body part?

I thought owning a dollar bill was a great deal, and I envied my friend who brought a two-dollar-note to school. All I had was coins.

My friend said the devil was going to take me to hell when I went to bed at night, and I believed her.

I thought people 12 years old and above were categorized as adults.

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