Saturday, 30 August 2008

Shopaholic friend!

I just realised that...

Two of my bras were stolen!!!!!

Some crazy freak sex maniac!


And so, I went shopping today. You know, girl style. Where you wander into every shop you see, try on every piece of attire and fool around with the accessories but ending up not buying any of them.

Sounds familiar to you girls out there?

Oh, yes. Plus those occasional squeals when some cute guy or hot dress catches your eye.

Yup. I went shopping today. Girl style.

But with a guy.

For the past 18 years of my life, I have never met a member of the opposite sex who shares the girl-dominated mutual passion for shopping.

Outings to the mall with guys usually go something like this:

Rachel spots a pretty dress. Rachel goes in to try it on. The male species linger outside the shop, looking idly at their shoelaces. Rachel feels pressured by their boredom. Rachel tries to get their interest by asking their opinion on the dress. They shrug and say "up to you", which stresses Rachel out even more. In the end, Rachel gives up shopping and goes to the arcade/movies with them instead. Rachel goes home empty-handed, feeling very empty inside. She didn't buy herself any presents to bring home.


Back to the point. Two of my bras were stolen, and I was hoping that I could buy some new ones this weekend.

Then, Vincent said,

"I want to go shopping for clothes this Friday."

Fancy that!

So, after class ended at 4.30 p.m., I hurried back for a bath and dinner.

Then, Vincent and I took the MRT to Vivo.

On arrival, he went straight into a boutique and began picking out clothes to try on. Wahlao that's like totally my style leh! Damn happy lor!

First time picking out outfits for a guy!

You know how girls usually try on a piece of attire and then proceeds to ask some mind-bending-harder-than-solving-complex-numbers-equations questions like "Does this look nice on me?", "Which colour do you think suits me better?", "Should I buy this dress or that (but usually ends up buying both)?" and the most dreaded "Do I look fat in this?" ?

When questions like those are posed to the female species, we are able to automatically give a long review on what we think of the outfit, and then proceed to give another long, ad libbed thesis on the evaluation of the question before proceeding to answer it. Unlike the males, we don't give lame (yes, I repeat, LAME) answers like "Up to you".

The most irritable answer possible?

"I don't know".

So not the case for Vincent.

Vincent: Are you sure you're comfortable going shopping with me?
Me: Why not?
Vincent: Coz I usually go into every shop I see and try on lots and lots of clothes.


Me: No, of course not!
Vincent: Okay ha... Later don't complain that you're bored...

Ppft. Only kids do that.

I was wandering around as he tried on some clothes in the changing room. Then, he called me over.

Vincent: Do I look good in this?

And then...

"Does M or L fit me better?"

*A long analysis from me*

"Should I get this design or that one?"

*A longer analysis...*

"This is cheaper but that looks better. Which one should i get?"

We spent 30 minutes debating over it.

"This one wear liao no body shape but that one got wor..."

Of which I agreed to, and I suggested that he try the other design.

"Which do you think suits me better?"

By that time, I was so excited about going shopping with him, my spirits were unusually high.

We tried on all of the sunglasses on display in Esprit (I thought he looked more like a blind man with dark glasses on), and we even fooled around with the head wear (in which he plopped a random cap/hat over my head - sometimes even over my eyes - while I did silly poses in front of the mirror).

After shopping for his stuff, it was my turn.

My main reason for going shopping was to buy some underwear to replace the two bras that sex maniac stole.

Although Vincent didn't exactly help me choose the bras, at least he accompanied me INTO the shop, unlike other guys who would probably just linger outside, looking into void space. And instead of saying "up to you", he actually gave comments on my choices. He even helped me pick out one with leopard print - of which I initially didn't want to buy, because it seemed pretty wild - but I bought it in the end because he persuaded me to.


In the end, I purchased 4 bras: 1 leopard print, two zebra print, and one plain white one.

And then, we shopped some more.

He persuaded me to get some heels, but I didn't want to torture my feet so I politely declined. Though I did try them on, just to see how they would look on me.

Right now, I'm kinda regretting not buying them.

In the end, he bought a vest which cost him $84 (I think) and three pairs of socks. I bought 4 bras, two knickers, a pair of beach shorts, a key chain, and three pairs of socks.

We both went back, feeling very, very satisfied with our purchases.

I have finally found my VERY FIRST SHOPPING PARTNER in Singapore!!! Who cares that he is a guy!

Happiness abounds!!!

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Ceh! Discrimating guys!!! Bad example.