Friday, 15 August 2008

Claire Guo Jing's concert!

As the Chinese proverb says, "hao xin you hao bao". Translated, it means good people get good returns.

How true!!!

My friend gave me a ticket for Claire Guo Jing's (for those of you who don't know her, she's a Taiwanese singer) concert tonight. Then, another friend came along, asking me for my ticket because apparently, his girlfriend loves Claire very much and he wanted to bring her along to the concert. Of course, at first, i was reluctant to, but I know how happy his girlfriend would be if he got that ticket for her. So, being a nice friend, I gave my ticket to him, just so that he could make his girlfriend happy.

I tell you hor, they better not break up lor. If they break up hor, I sure let him kena teruk teruk one. I sacrificed my ticket for him leh.

Anyway, at 5 p.m., just an hour before the concert began, a friend came to me. She had an extra ticket for me!!!!


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