Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A few minor updates...

Went for supper last night. Went to bed at 4 a.m.. Had a hard time forcing myself up this morning for my 9.30 lecture. Went to bed again after that.

The stupid alarm woke me up 10 hours early.

Urrgh... Time for class... Damn, it's already 2.15 p.m... I guess I have to wake up.... But I'm so sleepy!! I wish I could go back to bed. Sigh. But since I'm a good student, I shall attend the lecture no matter what. I shall not let my late night life affect my studies. Eww... I seriously need a bath... Oh, well. There's no time for that now. Ehh... It's raining outside. Never mind, I have an umbrella...

WAA... Rain so heavy ar! How to go out! Some more the rain so cooling; good weather for sleeping leh. But I must go lecture coz I'm bad at Chemistry. But if I miss the lecture, still got lecture recording to watch ma. But I sure feel lazy to watch wan... But now so sleepy wor! AIYA...


To put it in a more systematic way, I missed my 2.30 Chemistry lecture because:

1. The prospect of being able to sleep longer was more appealing than attending boring lectures.
2. I could always watch the lecture recording online later.
3. It was raining heavily outside.
4. The umbrella wouldn't be enough to keep me entirely dry.
5. The bus stop is not sheltered, so I could not take the bus.
6. It takes me 15 minutes to walk to the lecture hall.

Sigh. Now I've got to force myself to watch the lecture recording tonight. The last time I tried watching that, one hour of lecture recording took me 6 hours to finish. Blame the distractions.


I found a piano in Hall 3!!!!! YAY!! I can finally play the piano again!!!!

Though the piano was horribly, awfully out of tune, at least it was able to feed my piano addiction.

Not that I'm a good pianist...


And now, my dry clothes are piled up on my bed. I'm waiting for me to fold them and keep them nicely into my closet.


Stupid, stupid, stupid packed schedule.


But still loving my life.

Going for a badminton game, then ball room dancing tonight.



Gabriel said...

why go all the way to hall 3 when there's a decent piano in hall 8 itself?

It's in the cultural room.

raedarling said...

hall 8 cultural room is locked. i emailled the jcrc responsible for cultural room but she didnt reply my email yet and i dont know how2 access the cultural room. besides, im too lazy to have to actually contact somebody just to play the piano. might as well got to the one in hall 3 coz the music room there is never locked. hehe. i can go there anytime i want