Tuesday, 15 July 2008

My personals?? Gosh, what a title.

It has been awhile since my last post. Blame my laziness. Haha.

Not that my life has been mundane and that I've nothing to blog about. On the contrary. I've been pretty busy these few days. 

My church held a Spiritual Meeting. Was really beneficial. Despite the awfully, awfully cold air conditioning that almost froze me to death, I was happy I attended it. Helped me draw closer to God and taught me what really matters in life. 

I also learnt that:

Nescafe + Milo + Nestum + very little water = thick, delicious, strong and sweet smelling cup of "OOMPH"!

After listening to 50-minute long sermons, I have learnt to appreciate the 10 minute intervals. A quick visit to the bathroom, and then some "oopmh" (with extra-strong coffee) to get myself awake again. 


Now Rachel, the newbie cook, shall teach you how to brew a cup of her homemade secret special drink.

Rachel's Personal Home-Brewed Drink.

Ingredients: Chocolate powder (in this case, I use Milo powder), coffee powder (I would suggest using Nescafe, my personal favourite), oats (use Nestum!), some breakfast cereal (optional) and of course, some hot water.

1. Take a cup or mug and scoop THREE HUGE TABLESPOONS (add four or five if you want) of chocolate powder into it.
2. Add two tablespoons (or more, if you really love oats) into the mug.
3. Add a little bit of coffee powder. Some people would opt not to add coffee though; it's really up to your preference. As for me, I'd prefer to put in just a teeny, weeny bit 'cause I don't want the coffee flavor to overpower the chocolaty taste. Yes, I'm a chocolate person.
4. Add very little water (about half or less of the amount of contents in your mug); you'd want your drink to be really thick and rich!!

Voila! You're done!

Optional step: It's also a good idea to add some breakfast cereal; personally, I prefer having my drink with cereals 'cause it tastes better. Any kind will do. Traditional cornflakes is a good choice. My personal favorite is KokoCrunch because it has a "great chocolaty taste!". You can never get enough of chocolate flavour in any drink, candy, or ice-cream. When it comes to chocolate, more is always better. I don't recommend Honey Stars. They're too sweet. Plain sweet, with no chocolate or any other flavor whatsoever. Eww.

Disclaimer: This recipe is genuinely, originally, and truly my idea, and mine alone. I DID NOT copy, revise, or edit it from anyone or anywhere. Any familiarity or similarity of any sort you find in this recipe is purely coincidental.


I visited Nanyang University yesterday. The place was huge!! Posh buildings, great accommodations, and lots of facilities. In short, I LOVE THE PLACE!!!

I can't wait to get in there.

I got a new Singapore phone number, too!! The number's a real beauty. 


Cool right?? Your number got so many zero's or not?? Four zero's leh!! Very easy to remember!! Lol.

As for the xxx's, send me a personal message if you want to know. *smiles*

Just got back from SIngapore last night.


I cut my hair today. I love my new hairstyle!!! Too lazy to upload my picture here...

Bought a pair of polaroid sunglasses. It cost me RM 190. (That's my shopaholic side springing up again, after being idle for some time)

I know it's a lot of money lah, but can block UV light mah. Good for eyes. Hehe.


Leaving for Singapore in 5 more days.

I am soooo not ready to leave home.


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