Friday, 2 September 2011

I can't think straight.

Warning: Do not read if you get easily offended by lame stuff.

I can't think straight.

It's 5 a.m. and I'm still wide awake doing god-knows-what.

Was trying to complete my songs-to-download list (which has been growing longer and longer since 4 months ago), now that I FINALLY have my computer with me, I thought, what the heck, I'll just go and download every single song listed on the "to-download" list.

(I know my grammar probably sucks like shit in this blog entry but please pardon me I ain't thinking straight now; too sleepy you see)

Why did I say "FINALLY" when I said that I had my computer with me?

Been living out of a luggage bag for 4 months now (traveled to the states in May, been living with the same luggage bag since then till now), first time in a very long time that I have a decent place to stay.

For the past 4 weeks, have been homeless; sleeping on the floor, keeping all my worldly possessions only in a luggage bag, studying on the floor, surfing the net using my phone as a wifi router rather than a LAN cable, and using a 9.7 inch screen iPad to surf the net rather than a decent computer, not having even a simple study table or chair for myself.

Pitiful me. You see how NTU treats it's students.

Anyways, after FOUR WEEKS OF TORTURE, NTU finally decides to give me a room *YAY* so you could imagine how happy I was; not that I'm not happy now, I know I'm probably not showing much emotions here cos I'm just too sleepy but trust me, I AM happy.

So this morning I checked my mail and I GOT A ROOM!!! I DON'T HAVE TO BE HOMELESS ANYMORE!!! So I quickly checked in and here I am, in my huge ass room, with my huge ass computer desktop and a bed all to myself. Oh, and air conditioning too.

So now that I've FINALLY managed to download every single song on my "to-download" list (which took me like what - 4 hours?) I guess it's best that I go to bed now considering that its 5 in the morning and I still have lessons tomorrow.

Yes, yes I know this entry is probably gibberish nonsense to you cos I don't even remember what I typed in the first paragraph 5 minutes ago - thats how sleepy I am - so well, I guess I'm not making much sense here.

Reason I'm typing this?

Out of guilt.

I know I've abandoned this blog for some weeks now, but you can't blame me, right? I didn't even have a decent device for long term internet surfing (or whatever you call it, you know an iPad can't replace a good old computer) so as much as I wanted to blog, I couldn't, and now that I have a room, I can so here I am.

Also to kill some time cos I'm waiting for the photo uploads to complete, and then I can shut down my damn computer and finally go to bed.

I guess they're probably done by now lemme go check.


Damn it's not done, 2 more minutes left so that leaves me a couple more minutes to type whatever shit I want here till its done.

Speaking of uploading photos, I'm actually uploading photos of my recent visit to the Niagara Falls, and no, I have not forgotten all about it. I know I promised that I would blog about it and I will, just give me some time to sort things out.

Things are getting hectic here, what with Lomolicious (yes that's still going on so who wants a camera, I'll give you a discount if i can) and FYP and tutorials and projects and stuff.

I don't know, life of a Final year student can be fun but...

Okay I know this entry is probably fucked up and you're probably thinking "what the fuck is she saying right now?" its like I'm trying to be witty but I'm not and instead the attempts backfire and I sound lame.

Yeah, yeah, I know whatev.


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