Saturday, 13 August 2011

it's been a while...

“The Elements on iPad is not a game, not an app, not a TV show. It’s a book. But it’s Harry Potter’s book. This is the version you check out from the Hogwarts library. Everything in it is alive in some way.”

-Theo Grey-

So this is my first time blogging on my iPad.

Yay! *cue fireworks explosions*

I know it's been a loooong time since I've updated, but trust me, I've been trying.

Recently, its like I've got zero inspiration.

Nil. Nada. Zilch.

You know how some people can just spew out words and their fingers dance across the keyboard like nobody's business?

That was me.

Not now, though.

I've been cracking my head thinking of what interesting topics to blog about next (other than merely updating about my current life dramas and such - life in the States, the recent summer break, shopping sprees - it makes me feel shallow, thinking that this is all I'm capable of) but it seems like the older I get, the less my brain thinks.

I definitely hope I won't turn into one of those shallow people who only upload photos of their current lives (clubbing, eating good food, shopping, whatnots), throw in some half-assed captions and calling it a day.

Like, hello? Don't you have anything else to speak about, other than the superficial stuff?

But oh well, who am I to speak, when I myself am becoming one of them?

*cue weird emoticon with the colon followed by the forward slash, suggesting indifference*

I know I'm not done updating the stuff I promised I would like the photos from my previous adventure to the States, my experiences there (and did I mention I would update on my birthday celebration as well?) and so on and so forth.

But those can wait. (Also for the fact that I've not gotten a room - thanks to NTU's dumbass point system - hence I don't have access to my computer yet - hence the blogging on an iPad - and I can't upload my photos online yet. So well, here's to blogging with no pics.)

I'm not gonna half-ass this anymore, not this time round.

I'm gonna put some deep thought into this and come up with a darn good blog entry, and if it's gonna fry a little more than usual of the amount of brain cells I lose each day, then so be it, dammit.


So recently, as you know, I just got myself an iPad 2 - duh - and I've been contemplating about jail breaking it, but after the experience I had with my iPod Touch (I still refuse to call it the iTouch cos the iPod Touch sounds so much better *pouts*) where I got too carried away by the freedom jail breaking gave me, modified it a little too much, and fried the entire thing up.

I ended up reformatting the entire device, and then decided that it'd be best for me to just play safe and not venture out into the unrestricted world outside the iOS play pen.

Of course, that would mean that I would need to spend more money purchasing apps, but I didn't think that would be such a big deal, since most of the apps aren't *that* expensive (save for a few, such as Plants VS Zombies, Final Fantasy III, Order & Chaos, etc) and that it would be worth the money since the iPad 2 is probably gonna be around for a longer while than the usual relationships I have with my other electronics.

FYI, I can be a very loyal person if I wanted to, just not with phones (Speaking of which, I'm thinking of getting a new phone soon, maybe September or November).

By now, I have purchased a decent amount of iPad apps (mostly cheap ones) such as DocsAS, Angry Birds Rio, a PDF Reader, video viewer, a Flash-supporting internet browser, just to name a few.


I'm currently having this internal struggle of whether to jail break my iPad or not.

- I get free paid apps
- I get to venture outside the safe but over-constrained iOS play pen Apple so kindly built
- I get to customize my iPad which ever way I want

- I would have wasted all my money on the previous apps that I bought, since upon jb-ing, I can actually get them for free
- I might get over-excited about my new found freedom and venture too far into the abyss of modding and end up frying my device like I did with my iPod Touch
- Every time I update the iOS, I would have to jb it all over again
- I have to fork out $6.99 for the PVZ and still think twice about it
- The freaking Final Fantasy III costs freaking $14.99 wtf =.=

But well I guess my main reason for not jb-ing would be that if I did jb my iPad, I would have wasted all my money buying the previous apps!

So should I jb my iPad now, and get all future apps free (but getting upset over the fact that I wasted money on previous apps), or continue to stay in the safe constrains of the iOS and continue purchasing apps?

Decisions, decisions.

Maybe now's a good time to point out that I've more or less made up my mind to not jb my iPad. The purpose of this mindless and meaningless contemlation?

Who knows?

probably to kill time, maybe.

You know, like if you're doing something that you believe to be of importance, and if you believe it hard enough, you might actually get rid of the guilty feeling arising from doing that "important" thing instead of doing the REALLY important things like say, studying.

What's the word for it again?

Oh, yes.


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