Friday, 23 September 2011

On a final note...

Have you ever been in a relationship that initially was happy but then as the years went by, you found someone else better, the communication got less and less, you stopped telling each other things, you took each other for granted, and no matter how hard you tried to save that relationship you knew that eventually it wouldn't last (despite the lies you constantly tell yourself) and that it would probably be better if you ended the suffering sooner?

It's been a long way.

This blog was founded in 2007, and since then, we've been through a whole lot together. The time when I went into college, the time when my heart was painfully broken into a million pieces, the time I almost failed my A-Levels, the time when I had my first job, the time when I first entered university, the time when I found the love of my life, the time when I first got my internship. My happiness and sorrows, my achievements and failures, my happiest and most depressing moments of my life... All were shared, and it was like my life's journey was etched here, a mark that could stay forever.

I don't know what changed; but I guess sometimes as we grow, our perspective and judgement change with us as we continue to better ourselves by readjusting our goals, ambitions and life's important stuff. As hard as it seems, sometimes, we've got to move on and let go of the past.

Trust me when I say letting go of this blog is one of the most painful and difficult things that I have done in my life. It has been my confidant, friend, and companion for 4 years now, and I thought it would be so much more.

It pains me that our relationship should end here, when I think of my life's journey ahead of me: My graduation day, my first job, my wedding day, my first job promotion, my first car...

My pet's death, my injuries, my sicknesses, my mourning heart, my painful loss of a loved one...

I have always shared everything with my blog but from now onwards, I won't, and that pains me.

Will I ever come back here?


Even though a breakup can be painful at first, but then something magical happens. Time happens and before you know it, you've become your own future and you'll become friends again, maybe catch up with each other on updates in my life...

Who knows? I might drop by for a short visit once in a while. Maybe someday when I graduate, get my dream job, get married, get promoted, or even get a car... Through my happiness I may reminisce of the past and I may come back just for a quick update.

As for now, it's goodbye.

I guess all I can satpy is, it was fun while it lasted, but in the end it becaome more and more of a burdensome responsibility to me rather than being a fun activity.

Though our relationship was short lived, I can proudly say that it was a happy and memorable one which I will remember always.

Raedarlingz, you will not be forgotten.


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