Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It's alright by me.

"I've got a roof over my head ... and it's alright by me."
-Darius Rucker-

Time taken to travel from Singapore to America: 40 phreaking hours! Yes, yes I know I mentioned that already previously, but I just felt like mentioning it again. So there.

(Gah, I hate it that Blogger does not have auto spelling correction; I'm so used to iPad auto correcting my spellings for me all the time - yes, I bought an iPad, more on that later)

Yes, yes, I know I haven't updated my blog for the longest time ever; trust me, I feel guilty almost every single day. But work is exhausting and I get sooooo lazy when I arrive back in my dorm; I just want to get some human interaction going and eat some food. 

I thought I would make it a point not to acknowledge my tardiness from now on, but I guess my guilt got the better of me. 


Where did I leave off since the last time I was here?

Ah, yes. I said I would blog about my recent birthday celebration. And upload photos taken so far. And then about that crazy ang moh lady who pissed me off. Actually, I figured I wanted to do a vlog about that, but my laziness got the better of me, so I guess I'll just type it out the traditional way; though most of you probably won't be holding your interest for lengthy (read: wordy) blog posts, save for the minority left who still prefer reading blogs as compared to viewing photos and watching vlogs. 

First off, here are some photos taken during the 40-hour airport hopping; the rest can be viewed on my Facebook profile, or, alternatively, click here. 

Pictures are categorized by airports (LCCT and KLIA photos not available):

1. Changi Airport (Singapore)

Can you see us?

napping @ Changi Airport
@ the mini garden

Our plane!
Jetting off! 

2. Narita Airport (Japan)

Long check-in queue!

In the plane, filling out some white card thingy.

Plane food. 
3. Detroit Metro Airport (US)
They have express trains bringing us to the boarding gates, cos there were too many gates there and it was too far to walk.

The express train map.

In the express train. We took it from one end to the other end, and then back again. People must think we were insane.

Some fountain we saw.

Some light-tunnel thingy

Washing up in the restroom

Upon arrival in Richmond, we were all pretty wasted. 


Ang mohs here are actually pretty nice. I managed to make friends with a few people already. Westerners are definitely more friendly as compared to people from back home, i.e., Malaysia/Singapore. 

2 things I love most about the States so far: People and food.

2 things I hate most about the States so far: People and food. 

Go figure.

Life in the States is pretty good so far. Sure, there are some things I'm still not quite getting used to, like the use of quarters (who the heck produces 25 cent coins?? It's so confusing) and pennies (one cent coins?? Who are we kidding?), and the vehicles that keep to the right instead of left, and the use of Pounds and Fahrenheit instead of Kilograms and Celsius. The list could go on and on, but over all, I am pretty much happy with my life here right now. I'm not saying its the best, but this I know: It will be an experience of a lifetime. New friends, new community, new surroundings, new foods.

I have so far learned to love pop tarts, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and all foods American. 

My current dorm isn't the best place to live in (makes me miss the halls of residences in NTU; I shall appreciate NTU's halls more from now on), but as Darius Rucker puts it, "I've got a roof over my head ... and it's alright by me."


Stay tuned for future updates which may include: Current life in the States (complete with illustrations, too!), current work environment, my 21st birthday celebration, rant about some ang moh lady who pissed me off, and... *cheng cheng cheng* my recent purchase of the iPad 2!

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