Thursday, 26 May 2011

Kevin's 21st

I first started writing this blog entry about 3 months ago but never gotten around to finishing it till now. I promised I'd post a blog about Kevin's birthday, here it finally is.  Sorry for being 3 months late, birthday boy. Happy (very) belated birthday. ILY.

I'm a strong believer of big dates like anniversaries and birthdays. Even more so if it's the year one officially turns into an adult.

You know what I'm talking about.

The big Two. One.

3 weeks of planning/organizing for Kevin's 21st birthday (plus keeping it a secret from him).

Pictures galore!

First, turn up the music.
Next, feed the guests.

When nobody's noticing, sneak away and let them feed themselves instead.

So if they burn the food, it's none of my problem, right?

Happy and satisfied guests:

The birthday boy is happy as well!
OMG what is he doing??
The partay suite.

They forced me to.



What's wrong with this picture?

Why, it's the birthday boy wearing my shirt!

It's his birthday, not mine. I don't know why I was dragged into this.
Leslie, you're da man.

Poker face.

Abrupt end.
Wanted to hear all about my US endeavors but disappointed that you got this instead?

Sorry guys, had a tiring (but fun and might I add, educational) day at Washington DC today, and first day of work tomorrow. Tired max.

Will update again soon.

Rachel out. 

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