Sunday, 8 May 2011

‘I mean, it’s true that many developing countries end up losing their talent, but really, some of these countries bloody well deserve to lose them.’
-Shaun Tan, The Migrant's Eye-

You know, with the current issue of Malaysia's brain drain and all, I thought I'd blog a little about it too. (Also because I'm so damn fed up of studying for my exam this Tuesday... ZzZzZ)

Where shall I start?

I guess I'll start with myself. So. Do I see myself as brain draining from Malaysia? Yes.

Why so?

Let's be honest. I know I'm definitely not the best out there, but I am at least, one of the better ones, the more educated and knowledgeable ones that Malaysia would need to keep it's economy going. (orsomethingalongthatline).

And I'm happy that I'm not allowing my bright and useful brain go to waste in a country like Malaysia.

You know, I'm kinda glad that I came to Singapore. Of course, there'd be lots of other more patriotic smartasses like me who decides to stay in Malaysia, and it wouldn't make much of a difference whether I stayed or not, but I'd like to think of it this way: "Malaysia, you don't deserve my smart brain and I've left the country for good. I know one less knowledgeable person in your country probably won't make much of a difference to you, but I'm glad that I'm gone coz regardless, nothing can change the fact that you lost me."

So why did I leave Malaysia in the first place? Well, the main reason would have to be because I wanted to give myself a quality education, and I didn't think I'd find one like that in Malaysia. I wouldn't know how true it is because I myself have never studied in a Malaysian university before, but what I've heard from people is that they don't have to study that hard and play all day and at the end of the day still graduate with flying colors. Now, I wouldn't want to graduate or receive my degree from a university like that, would you?

Furthermore, what with the ridiculous race quota and local universities giving admission to less academically talented Malays at the expense of more academically talented Chinese and Indians - that's just bullshit.

You know the article from New York Times featuring Yours Truly, published several months back? Well, yeah, it had some truth to it, but the reporter who interviewed me didn't publish the complete truth about it.

Sure, I wanted to leave Malaysia because *insert reasons stated in NYT article*, but in addition, I also wanted to leave because Malaysia. Is. A. Racist. Country.

I wonder why the reporter didn't include that in her article. I remember explicitly spelling that out to her. I guess she just didn't wanna raise any sensitive issues that might get NYT into trouble with Malaysia?

Sure, some of you ignorant ones would call me ungrateful, but that's your loss. I got my chance at improving my quality of life, and I took it. Besides, I don't see anything that I can be grateful for. Malaysia has never treated me like a real Malaysian citizen before.

As a friend told me, "Most countries have policies that protect its minority. Malaysia is the only country I have heard who protects its majority and neglects its minority."

I wonder when Malaysia will realize of it's ignorance and start treating Chinese and Indians as equals.

Enough of that. Sure, I could rant all day long about how much I hate my country and much rather be a foreigner in Singapore, but I still have my examinations on Tuesday.

I'll conclude with ten things I'd hate to say goodbye to in Malaysia:

1. JJ and Ean from No matter where I go, will always be my favorite radio station, JJ and EAn will always be my favorite radio DJ's, and I'd always find a way to listen to them no matter where I am.
2. My comfy home in Penang.
3. Corruption (I know it's morally and politically bad, but it benefits me coz I get to pay my way out of trouble). Honest cops annoy the hell out of me. Just accept my 50 Ringgit and pretend I didn't speed. Now, is that so hard?
4. Delicious Penang food.
5. Mamak stalls.
6. Pirated DVD's, pirated computer games, pirated video games!
7. err... (Relatively) cheaper real estate property?
8. A (relatively) more conservative society/community?
9. Old skool friends!
10. Hilarious politicians.

I guess as much as I hate the country itself, I still like some of the stuff in it.

Will I say goodbye forever? That depends. My parents are there and they don't seem to be keen on moving elsewhere anytime soon, so well...

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