Thursday, 25 November 2010

like newtons law

"Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."
-Murphy's Law-

So the other day I was IM-ing.

(me in red, friend in green)

murphys law states that if u ever make a slight. reference or compliment of something good , it will become bad.
like for eg if u say "wow today is a sunny day" it will rain
ok from now on, i shall keep saying u're ugly ok?
so that the opposite will occur for u
ha! u can never outwit the murphy law
u cant purposely say something just to make the opposite occur
murphy can read ur mind and know when u are lying and when u are not
lols so powerful
is he a god or sth?
he is a law
like newtons law
like how newton knows how much force u are putting on an object (and hence he knows how much acceleration to put on it), murphy knows what your thoughts are
or like thermodynamics law
u are a science student u should know =S
so can u prove murphy law by numbers?
u prove to me zeroth law of thermo by numbers first
i'm sure some textbook will have the proof =)
and u know, i dun eat textbooks, so i cant regurgitate the proof out now
so ur point is some textbook has thermo law proof but doesnt have murphy law proof?
so can u help me find the proof?
the proof that murphy can tell whether u are lying or not
i dun eat textbooks either
but where u learn abt murphy
is he some philosophist?
not much is known about the mysterious man who
founded this law based on mathematical theories so fundamental that even einstein did not understand his works
okay i go back will wiki him
his great works were hence rejected by the phycists and scientists of his time, turning instead their attention to einstein, as einsteins theories were much easier to comprehend.
not wanting to accept that they were of a much lower academic level than murphy, they rejected him and banned him from writings and records of all sorts
hence, not even the vast sea of Google has valid and true records of him
the whole world has ridiculed him as some sort of mythical creature, despised by the world of science and only regarded by old wives tales
wow u're so good

I got bored.


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