Sunday, 24 October 2010

Tama-Go Faceplates

So I got bored and decided to design a few Tama-Go faceplates of my own.

Feel free to download them and print them out for your own use:

Firstly, just for laughs:
 Secondly (and this is my personal favorite so far):
Tama-Elfen Lied!
 Lastly (kinda crappy, but whatev):
Tama-MapleStory. =)
NOTE: to use these face plates you must print them at height: 2.77in width: 2.214in.

I'm still an ameteur at this, so pardon the flaws.

I do requests, too! Do drop me a comment if you want any design done. That way, I'll get more ideas, and YOU get the design you want.


UPDATE: New faceplate!! Chobits! Fave of all time. Even beats Elfen Lied. =)


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