Friday, 9 April 2010

Sorry, but I don't feel the pain. IN YOUR FACE.

If fate wants to play a game of "lets see how much possessions you can break/lose before losing your mind", BRING IT ON.
-Rae on Twitter-

I managed to beat my record again.

Today, I found that having broken/lost a handful of *very* expensive and valuable possessions (namely, my broken/lost phone, iPod, jacket, EZ-Link, and room card key)
in a month isn't enough, apparently. I can't hear anything on the right side of my RM180 Sony earphones. FML.

Life is so much more fun when you realize you're starting to get so used to having your expensive stuff broken/lost that you don't feel the pain anymore.


Gabriel Sai said...

No more warranty?
Yea.. Life sux.. Or maybe it means that it's time for you to buy new toys? =)

eTHaNe said...

aiyoyo~ you should pray more~

raedarling said...

Gab: yea will buy next sem when i got IA..haha

Ethane: i got pray everyday....blekz