Saturday, 24 April 2010

Drumroll, please.

Future Ted: Kids, I'm going to tell you an incredible story, the story of how I met your mother.
Ted's Son: Are we being punished or something?

Future Ted: No.

Ted's Daughter: Dad, is this gonna take a while?
Future Ted: Yes. Twenty-five years ago, before I was Dad, I had this whole other life...

-How I Met Your Mother, Season 1, Episode 1-

So I've just started watching the first season of How I Met Your Mother.

I know, I know. I'm left behind. I'll catch up, so no spoiler comments, please!

Just finished the episode where Ted meets this wonderful girl named Victoria at his friend's wedding, where they hit it off immediately.

*Okay, this is gonna get mushy. You were warned.*

No names, no numbers. No strings attached, no expectations, just pure companionship, just for the night.

Watching this episode gives me this utterly indescribable feeling. Like... like... I can somehow relate to it.

The farewell was... almost so beautiful it made me want to cry.

*But I didn't. So stop sniggering.*

"There will always be this one bad memory I will have from this night. You walking out that door."

"Close your eyes, and count to five."

Just like that, she was gone.

I guess the reason I was so attracted to this episode was the feeling of having this beautiful memory where you can always look back and think, "It wasn't The One, but there will always be a part of me that remains there."

You'll never know for sure if the other person will ever remember you, but maybe twenty years from now, married maybe, even having kids of your own, when you're just strolling, taking a bath, just letting your mind escape just for a moment from your current life. Then, as you sit alone, this one buried memory resurfaces and before you know it, you're thinking of him/her.

That night. The memories.

Just for that moment. You forget yourself, you forget who you are. You're back. Single, young, and having this great companion by your side, one whom you could almost say you could *cough* love.

(I hereby permit you to sue me for using the L word in such a careless manner. Sorry. Couldn't find a better word for it.)

Then, it all fades away and you're back to reality.

Maybe it's your kids calling for their bedtime story. Maybe it's your significant other cooing for you. Maybe you're done with your bath, maybe you've strolled to the end of the road.

Whatever it is, you know where you belong. You'll be thankful for the people around you, and just smile at the memories past coz that's what it is.

Just another memory.

*Oh, gawd. What am I doing here, when I'm supposed to be studying for my exam?*


eTHaNe said...

is it a movie? where do you watch it???

raedarling said...

haha its a American sitcom called How I met Your Mother. u can try Google it. lol

ThEnG said...

Rae, don't watch that much la.. Later ur real life not like that, u ll b sad.. =p