Wednesday, 6 March 2013


For all the misfortunes and stressful burdens I've had to face, I'm thankful for the tiny blessings that makes life worth living. 

To those who say they love being single, enjoy it while you can: You won't know when you'll meet that someone worth changing your mind for.

I wasn't always single. I once was in a long-term relationship, which, unfortunately for the both of us, ended. The guilt, grief and sadness was overwhelming. I resorted to bad habits such as binge eating, self-hurt, and hallucinations.

After the healing process, I began to enjoy singlehood. What's there not to love?

1. freedom
2. friends
3. flirting
4. being the centre of attention of all the guys.

I never thought I would ever enjoy being in a relationship ever again.

Not until I met you.

Baby, you give me more freedom that I could ask for. You're my best friend. You're the only person I could ever enjoy flirting with, and with me constantly being the centre of your attention, why would I ever need anyone else's?

Thanks for coming into my life and making me realize that being single is fun, but being in a relationship could make my life even more fun, enjoyable, and happier!


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