Tuesday, 16 February 2010

anaesthetics. sometimes i'd rather not have them.

You know those freak accidents where explorers find themselves trapped in the jungle and the only way to save themselves is to amputate their own limbs?

Doctors say these survivors managed to amputate themselves without anaesthetics because apparently, the human body has an amazing ability to excrete natural anaesthetics at dire times.

I think it's kinda the same with our feelings.

You know those times when your heart aches so much that you don't even feel it?

Like the times when you found out that The One wasn't exactly who you thought he was?

I think it's my brain refusing to accept the fact that's hurting me, and thus forcing my heart not to feel anymore. Problem is, I'm not only not feeling the bad stuff, I literally don't feel...

...at all.

It's like I'm a zombie.

Please, not now. I still have to study. Please...

P.S. : Don't ask me. Just. Don't.

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