Saturday, 27 February 2010

2 faces

Dear friends, I've yet again embarked on a "who has the most votes" contest on Facebook.

Please click on this link below and "like" the photo.

The highest number of 'likes' win!! Do vote for me please!!

Here's the picture + caption:

Name of my art piece - Scar Of Beauty.

It depicts what really is underneath that layer of glittery beauty most of us put on. I want this art piece to remind all of us that outer beauty may be what most of us put our utmost importance in, but it does not last forever. Instead, it ages and peels away with time, eventually revealing what is underneath it. Underneath our superficial beauty is strong but plain metal which we are ashamed to show to the world, but it is what is inside us that really counts. I used metal as the element to depict our inner selves to remind everyone that despite what people think of us, we must remember that even though our youth and beauty may fade with time, it is what is inside us that counts, and that we are still strong in all aspects.
Beauty is not about what we put on for show, but what is really inside us.

Hope you guys are inspired by this.

Again, do vote for me by 'liking' it.


Love y'all!

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