Monday, 23 November 2009

the new craze

The more studying you did for the exam, the less sure you are as to which answer they want.
-Second Law of Applied Terror-

Here's another video production by Little Grass.

Killing time while waiting for the library to open:

Now that exam period has begun, yes it's understandable that the library has become a hot spot, but does it have to be like this??

Why are all the students standing outside the library?

They're waiting for it to open.

The library opens only at 8.30 a.m., and they want to arrive there early to get seats.

Which explains why when I arrive at the library at 10 a.m., there is not even one vacant seat left, and lets not get to the fact that the library is 5 storey high.

The fact that this video footage was taken by Little Grass shows that we are no exception to this new library craze.


I give up.

I'd rather study in my own room.

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