Saturday, 12 March 2011

not intended for show

You give them a deadline, but you hint that it would be preferable if they complete it BEFORE the deadline is due. Nobody EVER gets the hint.
-Rae, Facebook-

Random meaningless update to make my blog less dead than it already is.

Assignments, projects, meetings, and studies are keeping me down and whatever spare time I have left is used watching Criminal Minds.

Hence, the half-dead blog.

This semester is gonna be a shitty one.

Unrelated note: I suck at managing my money. I spend waaaay too much.

I miss getting paid $1200 a month for sitting around in the office listening to my iPod. =(


Bought 4 new snails + 10 shrimps 2 weeks back. Total cost: $30. Of which all died in less than 48 hours. Only one survived: A tiny red snail that cost 50 cents.




Some photos I took before they died (except for the red one, which is currently still alive and laying eggs all around):


Before they died. =(
White stuff is bread. NOT dead shrimp, like some people thought. 
Tiny admission: Uploading photos of my new pet(s) is not intended for show, rather, to make my blog seem more interesting, more colorful, and less dead. 

P.S.: Kevin's birthday celebration's long over, updates about it is still in progress. You should know I'm not the kind who's hardworking enough to upload photos online. I'm lazy like that. Photos coming soon (hopefully in the next post). 

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